Miracema Stone
Miracema Stone

Know the Miracema Stone

The Miracema Stone is a natural, tough, durable and versatile stone coating. It is especially recommended for use on exterior floors, especially garages or parking lots, as well as sidewalks, and can also be applied to indoor floor surfaces. In addition to the use as a floor, the Natural Miracema Stone can also be used on walls, facades or baseboards.

Application of Miracema Stone

The stone is often required in the construction of sidewalks, sidewalks and floors in general. You can also build walls, garages and cascades with these stones. And yet, they are widely used in gardening and landscaping projects.

Maintenance and Care

Cleaning the stones is essential to maintain their appearance. For this cleaning always use brooms with hard coat, and once for a deeper cleaning – use a high pressure water jet and / or acid for the cleaning of stones, which gives a great appearance as if they were new.

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Where to Apply the Miracema Stone

Through the different applications, miracema stone is commonly used mainly for floors, driveways and landscaping projects.


Sidewalk Miracema Stone

The Miracema is one of the most used materials in sidewalks. The material is very resistant and contributes to the good finish of the sidewalk. In addition, it has several colors and the price is very attractive.


Wall of Miracema Stone

The Stone can also be used in internal projects, highlighting some environment and a rustic touch by the texture of the stone. The use of gray stone may be a good option to coat the box area.


Miracema Stone Wall

Miracema Stone can also be used on walls because it has a less flat and more volume finish, giving more charm to the project.