Stone Mineira
Stone Mineira

Regarding the Stone Mineira

The Stone Mineira is very absorbent and non-slip that does not spread heat. Accepts polish and waterproofing resin. Its general characteristics are athermic (non-heated), non-slip, provides a healthy environment and has an incomparable natural beauty.

Origin of the Stone

Stone Mineira is a quartzite – a type of stones clad with high concentrations of silica – that is found in abundance in the state of Minas Gerais. Hence the name: Pedra Mineira.

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See How to Apply

Stone Mineira can be used in many different types of environment, both internal and external. There are those who choose to use them as wall cladding, especially in outdoor environments, which is great because they bring to the environment an immeasurable charm. They are well suited for outdoor gardens and backyard projects such as paths, patios, and everything else that your creativity leaves.

Maintenance and Care

Cleaning is essential to keeping your appearance always the best. For this cleaning always use brooms with hard coat, and once for a deeper cleaning – use a high pressure water jet and / or acid for the cleaning of stones, which gives a great appearance as if they were new.

Why buy at Construbel Stones?

At Construbel Pedras you will find the best Mineira Stone in Brazil. Available in white color for you to innovate and abuse the creativity in your projects. Enjoy to buy without middleman. We have own deposit so we can offer the best price on the market ..


Where to apply the Stone

The Stone Mineira de Construbel is ideal to be applied on pool edges, pool floors and sidewalks in general.


Pool Edge in Stone Mineira

Firstly it is ideal for pool areas because of its ability to not retain heat and be non-slip.


Pool Floor Stone Mineira

The Stone Mineira is ideal for outdoor areas due to its capacity of not retaining heat, providing charm, security and sophistication for your leisure area.


Sidewalk in Stone Mineira

The Stone Mineira de Construbel provides its sidewalk sophistication and practicality. Another important factor to be mentioned is the durability for long years.