The company

Construbel Stones – Own Reservoir to offer high quality standards in Ornamental Stones

ConstruBel Pedras is a qualified company for the supply of Portuguese stone for outdoor areas such as sidewalks, ramps, pool area, facades and interior decoration with a variety of stone coverings, bringing charm and sophistication to your environment.

With more than 20 years of experience, passed from father to son, ConstruBel Pedras has been accompanying the technological development, aiming for agility and good service.

Originated from Portugal, the Portuguese sidewalk spread rapidly throughout the world, linked to an ideal of good taste and creativity, originating authentic masterpieces. Its application allows to form decorative patterns by the contrast between the stones of different colors.

In addition to commitment, we provide quality materials, variety of colors and speed of delivery, since we have three deposits in operation. We offer stones for Portuguese sidewalks in colors: white, gray, black and purple. In addition to a diversified range of other products such as: parallelepipeds, stone for civil construction, among other products.

Currently, the company works with its own transportation, wheel loader and fully qualified personnel to meet the needs not only of the region of Sete Lagoas-MG but also several regions of Brazil.